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Taggem Academy

Taggem Academy

Introducing Taggem Academy: A New Rewards Program

We are thrilled to launch our new rewards program Taggem Academy! Earn “Credits” to level up your “Class” and obtain access to discounts, rewards, and exclusive giveaways.

What are “Credits” and how do I earn them?
Members receive reward points called Credits for all purchases made; $1 equals 1 Credit. Tax and shipping costs on purchases is also included to earn Credits.

What is a “Class”?
Taggem Academy Classes are levels achieved by earning Credits. There are four classes: Knight, Alchemist, Wizard, and Hero.

What rewards are included in each Class?

@ 1 Credit
Knight: Credit Rewards

@ 250 Credits
Alchemist: 5% off (*exclusions may apply), Credit RewardsExclusive Giveaways

@1000 Credits
Wizard: 10% off (*exclusions may apply), Credit RewardsExclusive Giveaways

@2000 Credits
Hero: 15% off (*exclusions may apply), Credit Rewards, Exclusive Giveaways

Are my previous Taggem Points transferred to Taggem Academy?
Yes. The lifetime points earned are transferred for Class placement. Available points are transferred so they can still be used for rewards as well.


This is just the beginning of Taggem Academy .... 


*Some products may not qualify for Taggem Academy discount, But you do still gain credits for purchases on those items. 


If you believe there is an error in credits or class for your account, or have any other questions. Reach out to us by chat or email at MrTaggem@ShopTaggem.com

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